In this era of the internet and remarkable technology, most kids are busy with gadgets. Girls especially don’t have time to carry out other activities such as cooking, baking etc. In short, they are gradually losing interest in culinary activities and lacking creativity in home sciences. On top of that, an array of fast food shops and restaurants are adding to the misery. Particularly teenaged girls and newly married brides are shirking the responsibility of preparing healthy food at home, which has become a major social problem with culture deterioration. Instead, they are over-fascinated by unhealthy, unhygienic or junk food that is preferred over healthy and delicious dishes. This problem is not only limited to one community or country but it is an outbreak all over the world.  Hence, we have created the maryamrecipe.com website to promote awareness among the young girls all around the globe to cook by themselves in an artistic way to eat and serve the delicacies, and enjoy a healthy and long life. 

maryamrecipe.com is a USA based website that strives to serve as a companion to aspiring chefs and cooking lovers who want to create their own recipes while having fun. This website offers a great opportunity to our chefs to experiment with new recipes, cooking methods and culinary art. This fun-filled experience will allow the young chefs to publish and share their creations with people all around the globe. In addition, they can do the virtual cooking and play cooking games on this website.